Shopping Trolleys

Flexicart, the revolutionary wheeled basket with integrated handle Enter

Fruit & Veg Stands

Wide range of display units and furnishing for fruit&vegetable department Enter

Display Units for Bread

Wide range of display units and furnishing for fruit&vegetable department Enter

Back counters sandwich

Robust and elegant modular back counter for the deli section Enter

Bulk Retail

The sustainable shoppingEntra


Sustainable shopping Entra


Queue management, notice boards, info-points… A complete range at competitive prices.Enter

Entrance Systems

Mechanical gates, automatic gates, passageways and public guidance.Enter

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Our production for retail is characterized by the perfect balance between innovation and tradition at the best quality/money ratio.
We offer a team of skills needed to turn your needs in new ideas. We develop them into well-structured projects then,  we realize presentations rendering and finally, we implement them intelligently.
Our knowledge for the retail industry gained over the years along with the constant desire for innovative solutions guide us in the pursuit of your satisfaction.
A professional team that follows your needs step by step. Office for the realization of 3D rendering, technical department for advice on materials and systems, graphic office to keep your visual identity and communicate properly. All this with the utmost cost optimization.
We have a network of local business experts in different materials and production techniques, and this allows us to guarantee the quality and the optimal completion times. Our display units and back counters arrive already assembled. Do not run the risk of shipments of items with missing items or difficulties in their installation. In the case of more complex structures a team sent directly on site ensures mounting quickly.
The headquarters of Bizzarri Ltd. is located in Foligno, Umbria  and, it is from here that all our products are processed. Of course, to ensure an excellent service, the sales division includes agents in all Italian regions. We look forward to indicate the person nearest available to your business.

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