Bizzarri Srl designs and manufactures furniture and retail solutions for the large-scale retail sector guided by an extended vision of design. It approaches the project by proposing new solutions and new furnishing models connected with the contemporary shopping experience, producing not just products, but innovation, functional efficiency and the shopping experience.

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Since the early ’90s, Bizzarri has worked alongside the most important national large-scale retail players with a participatory design approach, the fruit of many experiences shared with buyers and end users. But its product also encompasses other values that permeate every stage of the design process: simplicity of form, lightness and spectacularity.

The product range includes display units  and complete setups for fresh produce, grocery, bakery and back counter sectors for large-scale retail distribution, as well as furnishings and accessories for offices and retail stores.

Functional, simple and innovative – in a word: brilliant. These are the guidelines that have always inspired the Bizzarri groups’s approach to a project. A method whose goal is to bring about a change of perspective, in order to transform limits into great opportunities for change and innovation.

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Today, the company is a well-established concern structured into four business units, in which Riccardo and Fabrizio Bizzarri and Mauro Morettini also work together with the founder Marco Bizzarri, linking the name to products that are distinguished by innovation and design, by the craftsperson’s attention to detail and by the convenience typical of industrial products.

Export activity, which began in 2013, currently accounts for 30% of total turnover. The steady growth in the demand for Bizzarri products from the international market not only confirms the company’s design capacity to foresee developments in the retail sector, but also its organizational ability to provide an advanced service, guaranteeing its reliability.