Ferris wheel … a surprising way to display the fresh produce!

Ferris wheel … a surprising way to display the fresh produce!

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Bizzarri uses movement to create attraction… and it works!

Designed as an eye-catching, dynamic piece to attract people to the stand, it is actually proving to be a highly enticing proposition to be cashed in on over the next few months. Inspired by fairground Ferris wheels, Bizzarri’s display solution never stops moving, the display baskets rising and falling back down on the opposite side in a constant circular motion.
What attracted retailers is its versatility when it comes to displaying fruit and vegetables, which is stamped with an array of colours and smells, and, particularly, its unmissable eye-catching qualities.
It is hard not to stop and wait to see what is coming up in the next basket. It even has a technical advantage: its spraying system can be aimed at a particular point of rotation and water several display baskets at the same time. So the fruit and vegetables can dry out as it revolves and not appear too wet throughout the day.

( Patrick Fontana, GDO WEEK)

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