The History

A multiple approach to retail needs

The balance between innovation and tradition

The Bizzarri group was founded in Foligno by Marco Bizzarri as a sales, management and service company for scales and cash registers. Between the late 1980s and the early 1990s, the birth and development of soft discounters, which offer a higher level of customer service than hard discounters, opened up new business opportunities in the market for display units and visual foods merchandising, which Bizzarri was able to seize and develop.

The profound experience gained in the field, and the professionalism and creativity that have distinguished the group since its inception, quickly attracted attention on the national scene, as regards both the large-scale retail world and as well as the proximity store.

Storia Bizzari group

Today, the group is a well-established concern structured into four business units, in which Riccardo and Fabrizio Bizzarri and Mauro Morettini also work together with the founder, linking the Bizzarri name to products that are distinguished by innovation and design, by the craftsperson’s attention to detail and by the convenience typical of industrial products.
The group is currently able to offer products and complete setups for the produce, grocery, bakery and back counter sectors for large-scale retail distribution, as well as furnishings and accessories for offices, retail stores, bars and parapharmacies.