Nuovo Self Service Panetteria – M – Bizzarri Grup @Euroshop

Nuovo Self Service Panetteria – M – Bizzarri Grup @Euroshop

Euroshop 2017/ Bizzarri presents the new BAKERY DISPLAY UNIT for fresh bakery products.To the succesfull family of bakery units made by Bizzarri ( see the catalog products), for the occasion of the past Euroshop, has been added a item.
The new display for freshly baked products is equipped with comfortable accessories.The new item is ment to be a connection of the production area and the customers. Your customers may fully appreciate your efforts of providing fresh product,  because they can see the work in progress at the other end, they can smell the amazing results and … because of the inviting design, materials and lighting that characterize this display.

  • Cusotmer gets in contact only with the item he has selected with the scoop that is incorporated in the window.
  • The internal parts are all in stainless steel for high higienic standard and easy maintenance.
  • All the levels can be pulled from back, where is the production area located for comfortable loading.
  • All the levels are equipped with the crumb tray.
  • The warm LED light ( high efficiency/ low consupmption) mantains the perfect look of the product.

Please ask for dimensions, technical sheet and available wood finishes:

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